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12"x16" Zenlogy Parchment Paper

12"x16" Zenlogy Parchment Paper

$ 22.49

We're so excited to be carrying premium parchment paper from Zenlogy! This parchment is fantastic for all of your baking needs!

These natural brown unbleached parchment paper sheets are perfect for half size baking pans and measure 12x16”. Each pack of parchment comes with 200 Sheets. No more having to deal with trying to cut the exact size for half sheet baking pans. Eliminate wasting extra paper from parchment rolls.



The only precut sheets that provide exact fit for your half sheet pans, and easy fitted box storage option instead of plastic bags. All others are either too short or overlap your pans.

  • At 12x16 inches, these are precut to fit your half sheet pans. Much easier to use over parchment rolls. Prevents wastage and helps save time when baking.
  • These are unbleached, non-toxic, and eco friendly. FDA approved and chlorine free.
  • Comes in perforated box for easy storage and use. 200 sheets per box. Keeps your bakeware clean.
  • Thicker than other parchment paper sheets on the market. Can be used for other uses besides baking.
  • Eliminates use of aluminum foil for your cooking, which makes it a healthier option.
  • Recommended for use up to 450 deg Fahrenheit.

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