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Dimensional Tree Cookie Cutter

Dimensional Tree Cookie Cutter

$ 6.50

This Dimensional Tree set of cookie cutters is perfect as a stand alone or would go great with our Gingerbread House cutters! The bigger you get, the more of a statement this tree will be. Get a 9" or bigger and it could be a statement piece. Add in a present cookie cutter and you can surround the tree with presents! Add frosting on the edges with clear sprinkles and give it a snowy look. The possibilities are endless!

This set comes with 2 pieces. They're meant to slide together like a puzzle of sorts. You slide the left part of the baked cookie (see drawn image for reference) onto the right part of the baked cookie and it makes a 3D Tree cookie! This set is measured by the tallest design, which would be the left part of the tree pictured here, or the top.

Make sure to tag us once you've created your cookies using this cookie cutter! @sheybdesigns on Instagram. Use the hashtag #sbdimensionaltree when you post.

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