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Staff Cutter Picks August 17, 2020

Kacie Johnson

Vintage Witch Cookie Cutter

"Her hair reminds me of her broomstick"

- Angelina


Vintage Owl Cookie Cutter


"This is my favorite Halloween cutter. It just has a look that screams Halloween to me."

- Mike


Redrum Stencil


"I love this stencil! I have a weird obsession with The Shining so this stencil is super cool!"

- Maizey


Ghostface Cookie Cutter


"This one reminds me of my childhood and how over half of the trick or treaters had this mask"

- Kacie


Scary Movie 2 Piece Stencil


"This was toss up between this stencil and the snakeskin stencil, but I love me some scary movies around Halloween time."

- Mike 




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