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Play with your food? We say go for it!

Michael Benner

Remember those Thanksgiving meals at the kids table? You know, the ones where everyone was putting black olives on their fingers and making volcanos in their mash potatoes and gravy?

Well, Sheyb Designs is trying to bring that fun back, just in time for Halloween. Introducing our Finger Puppet and Mask Cookie Cutters. These are guaranteed to be a hit whether you are making them for your kids, clients or for yourself while you relax on the couch watching the scary movie marathon on TV.

Cookies decorated by @3melonsbakeshop

And we aren't stopping at Halloween, just released is our Turkey Finger Puppet Cutter and there are more to come this holiday season. Check out the collection below and remember cookies are fun, playing with your food is fun but combining the two is sure to be a hit at any gathering.


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