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October Cutter Flip Contest

Michael Benner cutter flip contest

Here we go! New month, new cutter. Again we are changing it up a little bit this month. We are still giving you the cutter for FREE, that part is now permanent.  This time, only through on orders through October 20th will receive the October Contest Cutter. On October 21st we will be switching over to the cutter for November. We are making this change to give everyone time to get their stuff done and allow the orders at the end of the month participate. 

Sheyb Designs Floral Present Cookie Cutter


Have some fun and get that creative hat on, we are challenging you to take our 4" Floral Present Cookie Cutter and decorate it for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. Sounds easy, right? Well here is the catch, you CANNOT decorate it as a present. You must transform it into something else. Let you imagination run wild.

There are a few rules though, so let's go over those.

  1. It has to be Sheyb Designs 4" Floral Present Cookie Cutter, you can not use a different size.
  2. You can not change the shape of the cookie. No adding or subtracting for the outline of the cutter. 
  3. Post your finished cookie on Instagram using the hashtag #sheyboctcontest and make sure to tags us @sheybdesigns.
  4. You can only enter one design. So if you got really creative and made a few different cookies, check with your friends, followers and random people on the street to see which one you should enter.
  5. All submissions must be posted by Midnight October 31st, 2020. No late entries will be accepted.

That's it, if you already have the cutter get started, if not, checkout out our shop pick up some supplies, cutters, stencils, whatever and we will toss one in your box for you.

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  • Michael Benner on

    Brandyn all you have to do is place an order. We supply the cutter free with every order. If you already have the cutter, then you can just use it. Once you decorate your cookie, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #sheyboctcontest

  • Brandyn on

    How do you sign up ?

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