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Last Minute Valentine's Cards

Michael Benner digital greeting cards valentine cards

We have all been there. The days and weeks catch up to us. Our busy lives keep us from getting those Valentine's for school at the store. Until it is the weekend before and you can't wait any longer. You go to the store and to your horror you are left with no selection. If you are lucky there is something left that your kids actually like, but more likely your basketball loving son is taking some leftover Barbie Valentine's to school.

If you find yourself in this predicament this year, we have you covered. You see, we also waited too long this year, but Shey came through with these great designs to print on the inkjet and all we need to do is run to Michaels or Walmart for some pencils and glowsticks.

There will be a video coming on how to use them, but they are pretty self-explanatory, and we wanted to get them in your hands as soon as possible. You can see them below, but more importantly you can get them for free over here. Just use code VALENTINESCARDS at checkout.

As, always, if you make these, share them with us.


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