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Covid 19 and Face Shields

Michael Benner covid19 face shields


We have brought more machines online and are working with other such as Truly Mad Plastics to get even more out the door. Yesterday we saw the arrival of over 225kg of filament and enough visor material for 5000 shields. This morning I have placed another order for 200kg of filament and visor material to make another 2000 shields.

The community support of this endeavor has been overwhelming and we have cross the 5000 shield donation mark. You guys are truly awesome!

Tomorrow will see us sending out over 1000 shields around the US to those in need with a target of at least 400 a day moving forward.


Great news, Proto Pasta has decided to help even more. They are now open for medical ppe supplies only during the closure. This will enable us to keep getting our plastic and if you need some for your printing operations please see their link above. They are here to help.


You guys have been amazing. We have received over 3000 mask donations and are currently print hundreds of these shields a day. We need to thank our supplier Proto Pasta for coming through right before closing for the shutdown and helping get us over 225kg of filament for these shields.

We need to band together during this time in our country and help each other out in anyway possible. That is why we are turning our manufacturing towards making face shields for medical personnel and front line workers. While we are still open for business we are taking our excess capacity and putting towards this cause.

We have begun working with material suppliers and medical groups to coordinate our efforts. We have currently ordered enough materials to make about 3500 total shields and already committed 2000 of them to a local group but we know that this will not be enough.

With that in mind we are asking for help. There are several ways you can get involved:

  1. Do you own a 3D printer or laser cutter? Then you can make some shields yourself. They were designed and released by Prusa and can be found here Reach out to your local community and find someone to donate them to.
  2. Our current material cost on these shields is around $3. With that in mind we have added a product to our site that will allow you to donate a face shield for $3 to help us source more materials to keep up with the demand.
  3. Spread the word. If you know anyone that is in need of these have them send us an email to and we will work with them on getting them whatever they need.

We will keep an updated total of face shields made and donated on our site so everyone can see the progress we as a community are making towards helping to provide this important piece of personal protective gear.

Thank you for your help and support in this time, together we can and will do this.

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